portada Vall de Ribes
Vall de Ribes

Vall de Ribes is a magnificient place to practice the trail running, hiking and mountain sports. The valley is located in the northwestern third of Ripollès region, in the environment of the river Freser. It includes the villages of Ribes de Freser (with the largest population), Queralbs, Toses, Planoles, Pardines, Campelles and the sanctuary of Núria.

The natural wealth of the environment is the main attraction of the area, where water comes together with a typical high mountain vegetation. From anywhere you can discover unexpected panoramas, highlighting the Romanic and villages with own personality. The cuisine is enriched with products of the area, and the culture with the customs and traditions of the mountain.

With different starting points but with most of them from the center of Ribes de Freser, this is the combination of routes we have designed for you:

5 family circuits + 4 short distance + 4 middle distance + 3 long distance and 2 vertical. Making a total of 240 Km and 17510+ climb.

The wide variety of accommodation offer with good services, makes this space a destination hard  to match.

Corta distancia


Trail Roques Blanques
7,5 Km, 550+, max height 1260 m.

Trail Les Mines
14 Km, 650+, max height 1446 m.

Trail Bruguera
10,5 Km, 950+, max height 2040 m.

Trail Freser (Batet)
9 Km, 450+, max height 1150 m.

Media distancia


Trail Refugio de La Covil
15,5 Km, 900+, max height 2056 m.

Trail Las Centrales
22 Km, 1250+, max height 1520 m.

Trail Perramón
15 Km, 750+, max height 1530 m.

Trail De Los Torrentes
21 Km, 900+, max height 1690 m.

Larga distancia


Trail Vuelta al Segadell
38 Km, 2600+, max height 2564 m.

Trail Dos Cimas
27 Km, 2200+, max height 2040 m.

Trail Puigmal
27 Km, 1850+, max height 2910 m.



Trail Sant Antoni
1,9 Km, 350+, max height 1280 m.

Trail Taga
5 Km, 1080+, max height 2040 m.



Trail Sant Antoni
1,9 Km, 350+, max height 1280 m.

Trail Refugi del Pla d’Erola
5,6 Km, 650+, max height 1540 m.

Trail Riu Freser
4 Km, 250+, max height 1150 m.

Trail Les Centrals
10 Km, 650+, max height 1200 m.

Trail Ribes Altes
5,4 Km, 200+, max height 1100 m.