The Trail Zone of Rialp has been designed to facilitate trailrunning or hiking in a spectacular setting such as the Pallars, where you will find different routes and profiles to train as much as you need, while you can combine your workouts with the leisure in family.

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Sant Romà

Total distance: 24 Km

Elevation gain: 1280 m

Start point: Rialp

Finish point: Rialp

Min. height: 700 m.

Max. height: 1350 m.



This circuit is suitable all year round avoiding only the midday in summer. In winter it’s best to wear warm clothes, such as a windcheater and hat at least, as temperatures can be a low in the shade.

The Sant Romà trail is ideal for runs of constant speed (pace) because with the exception of the climb to Sant Romà, the rest is good running ground. We can enjoy a route along shady paths and crossing many fresh water streams. In Sant Joan de Colinos there is a shady and well equiped picnic area.

Leaving the centre of Rialp, crossing the village and Santa Caterina bridge to befin the run paral·lel to the river. After a little while the track starts to go up and always on the track we reach te recreation area of Sant Joan de Colinos. There we take the track that leads us to Beraní, the centre of wich we cross quickly and leaving the made up roads for a grassy descent there is a stretch of tarmac until we get to Roní. We also cross the village with a rough descent that doesn’t stop going down until we gets to the path on the brigde of Gulleri, an interesting bridge by wich we cross the Noguera Pallaresa. we run a few meters along the river bank until the track goes up steeply. Here there is a fresh water stop where it’s a good idea to stock up because there’s a difficult ascent to Sant Romà de Tavèrnoles, an abandoned village wich can only be reached by a track.

Once in Sant Romà the trail is easier as we jump across the river banks always having great views of the run we have previously done on the opposite side. Enjoying the scenery we get to Rodés, the last village on the trail before returning to Rialp in a swift descent that takes us to the entrance of the village.

Water: there’s a fountain in Beraní, Roní, Tavèrnoles, and Rodés. In summer we can get wet, always being careful crossing the Noguera Pallaresa, before the start of the ascent to the abandoned village of Tavèrnoles, a bit after leaving it we cross streams where we can cool off. In Rialp there are all the services we could need.

Serrat de Matanegra

Total distance: 23 Km

Elevation gain: 1700 m

Start point: Rialp

Finish point: Rialp

Min. height: 700 m.

Max. height: 2090 m. (Pic de Piflorit)



Circuit valid to do from the end of spring, summer and autumn. In winter the highest points might be covered with snow. This is the most technical circuit we offer, with aerial zones and short climbs. The stretches in the woods require concentration. We only recommend this circuit to people with expertise in orientation and GPS device use.

This circuit is perfect to alternate sections with incline, and sections on the level where we can run more freely, sections with a steep downard slope towards the end and a fun technical and aerial section with small climbs that makes it different to all other circuits. We shall do sunny sections, others in the shade and cross some streams of fresh water until we get to Sant Romà. We must remember there wont be any water from Sant Romà de Tavèrnoles and Rodés.

Leaving Rialp we must cross the castle and at the hunters cabin we will take the path to Rodés. This path is situated between oak trees and steep from the very begining. We shall cross Rodés and carry on until Sant Romà de Tavèrnoles on a path with aerial sections and very good views. We will arrive at Sant Romà, a village in ruins, where we will find the fountain that is also used as a trough for cows, sheep and goats that live in its pastures.

Once in the village we will ascend to our left, where we can see straight away all the crest we will be climbing. The first sector is the most aerial, with short climbs, until we arrive at a hill where we will climb a steep section of woods that will take us to the Tossal de Fontfreda (2035 mts). There we will carry on between meadows all the Serrat de Matanegra, until the peak of Pitflorit, a great view point of the Assua Valley and the Montsent de Pallars. With a steep descent and avoiding the l trees we will arrive at the Pla de Sant Genís, a quiet meadow at 1800 mts where we will commence descent without a break until Rialp, going through Rodés again.

We will find water in Rodés and Sant Romà de Tavèrnoles. In Rialp we will find all the necessary services. We must take into consideration there wont be any water available in the central section of the track, coinciding with the most aerial and longest section in time. There wont be water between Tavèrnoles and Rodés.

Vall d'Àssua

Total distance: 20 Km

Elevation gain: 1200 m

Start point: Rialp

Finish point: Rialp

Min. height: 700 m.

Max. height: 1400 m. (Llessuí)



This circuit is perfect for fast running and rythm changes as we will be combining constant steep climbs, to do at a good rytm with leveled stretches where we can run fast, and at the same time imnprove our technique descending the paths. We will enjoy the views of the villages in the Àssua valley while we run between shay paths and crossing streams of fresh water.

Leaving Rialp, we cross the village and take the first stretch of the track until we cross Sant Antoi’s torrent, there we will go into the forest with a first section having a steep climb. We will cross Altron (1020 mts) betweeen paths. When leaving  the village we must take care when crossing the LV-5223.

Between shady paths and crossing various streams we will arrive on a steep climb to Suri (1189 mts). We will cross it while we continue the ascent to the highest point in the circuit Llessuí (1429 mts).

We will cross the village and begin the descent until Sorre (1052 mts). Once there  we shall be careful with the main road even if not having much traffic we will respect the rules and keep to the left. At aproximately 300 mts we will go left to the path, on continuous descent until we arrive  and cross Sorre (checking when crossing the main road) and we will continue going down until we cross Rialb river and then ascend to Escàs (992 mts). We will cross the village via some steps that take us to the cementery. Once crossed Escàs, the circuit will take us on a narrow and sunny path, following a telephone line, until the coll de Cortinos, where we will begin the last descent with a fast technical section that takes us to Surp (1100 mts), the last village from this circuit we cross on the Assua valleu.

Once we leave the village we will go down a steep descent always with Rialp, the end, insight, where we will arrive crossing the ruins of the castle of Rialp and through narrow streets we will arrive at the starting point, the town Halls square.

We will find water in all the villages. We shall cross various sreams, where if we find ourserlves in the middle of the summer heat, we can do a stop and refresh.