Technical advice for trail runners

We offer you the technical advice you need to achieve your sporting goals as a trail runner.

These are the services we offer you:

  • We plan your training, either semi-annually or weekly, so that every day you will know what training you should do. You will achieve, in a methodical way, a substantial improvement of your sports performance and you will minimize the time dedicated to training, thanks to the efficiency of our method.
  • We carry out group-led training.
  • We carry out reconnaissances of group races.
  • We invite you to test material of recognized brands.
  • We help you prepare a journey, from the itinerary and stages to the choice of necessary material.
  • We help you prepare a career, from the most appropriate strategy to your qualities to the choice of the optimal material for you in that race.
  • We help you choose the nutritional supplement to successfully face your challenges.

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