What we do?

We work for local institutions creating trail running destinations by equipping them with essential and 100% sustainable tools. We design the routes and digitize them to facilitate their use and promotion.

What we offer?

1. From 3 circuits you can have your own The Trail Zone, circular GPS tracking circuits that will start and end at a specific point in your municipality. We can also digitize the routes to implement them on the institutional website.

Full info about The Trail Zone

2. You can also include your routes and the races of your territory in our APP Open Trail Races (OTR).

With OTR you’ll know who have participated in you races and you can also be able to send push notifications to them. We will periodically send you all the information of the participations, a very valuable data to maintain the established link with whoever has carried out your routes.

Full info about Open Trail Races


The prices will surprise you, ask your budget at info@thetrailzone.com or call us at +34 696 961 904 and we will inform you in detail.