The Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida are a large and varied territory. From the plain of the south to the high mountains of the Pyrenees, passing through river areas and large reservoirs in the central part. All in all, it is a magnificent place to practice trail running in diverse and varied climatic conditions and very different types of terrain all of them.

From remote areas where we will not find practically anyone during our training to eminently tourist areas; in all of them we will discover the characteristic peace and good reception of its people.

We put at your disposal a trail circuit in each region so that you can do a tasting of what the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida can bring you and thus get to know this fantastic and varied territory.

Some of the circuits have a reception point and / or shower service on request. In each circuit we provide you with the link to the City Council website.


Trail Mola de Sall (Pallars Sobirà)
10 km, 600+, max. height 1200 m.

Trail 4 pobles – Barruera (Alta Ribagorça)
11 km. 500+, max. height 1474 m.


Trail nº5 – Prullans (Cerdanya)
15 km. 700+, max. height 1645 m.

Trail Noguera Pallaresa (Pallars Sobirà)
16 Km, 780+, max. height 1100 m.

Trail Horitzons d’Urgell (Urgell)
17 km. 200+, max. height 450 m.

Trail Serra del Tallat – Rocallaura (Urgell)
18 km. 500+, max. height 790 m.

Gerb Trail – Gerb (La Noguera)
20 km. 900+, max. height 615 m.

Trail Vall d’Àssua (Pallars Sobirà)
20 Km, 1200+, max. height 1400 m.

Tremp Trail 21K- Tremp (Pallars Jussà)
21 km. 350+, max. height 597 m.

Trail Linyola 23K – Linyola (Pla d’Urgell)
23 km. 70+, max. height 264 m.

Trail Sant Romà (Pallars Sobirà)
24 Km, 1280+, max. height 1350 m.

Trail Serrat de Matanegra (Pallars Sobirà)
23 Km, 1700+, max. height 2090 m.


Trail Montpius Skyrace – Vielha (Val d’Aran)
24 km. 1800+, max. height 2276 m.

Trail Orri (Pallars Sobirà)
43,5 Km, 2700+, max. height 2487 m.

Trail Montorroio (Pallars Sobirà)
43,5 Km, 3300+, max. height 2898 m.



Trail Rodés (Pallars Sobirà)
3,4 Km, 700+, max. height 1800 m.

Trail Vertical Santa Fe –  Organyà (Alt Urgell)
4,35 km. 650+, max. height 1207 m.

Trail Sant Genís (Pallars Sobirà)
4,8 Km, 1100+, max. height 1800 m.

Trail Bony d’Arquer (Pallars Sobirà)
3,8 Km, 1200+, max. height 2297 m.