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Tenerife is much more than sun and beach, is the paradise for the practice of trail running and that is thanks to having in just a few kilometers of distance, altitude, magical trails, varied terrain and a fabulous climate for this sport. It is undoubtedly a perfect place to train at any time of the year.

We present you nine circular routes that will take you to know the best of the different areas of the island, while you enjoy spectacular workouts.

In addition, thanks to the technology of the Open Trail Races app, all routes can be done at any time in competitive mode. This application will automatically validate that you have completed entirety the tour and will classify you in the ranking. Surely that will give a plus in your training if what you are looking for a quality training.

With all this we hope to make you enjoy the island and this sport to the fullest.


Breathe hard, your pulse quickens, your cadence goes up, there’s little left, come on! You stop, look up, and a wonderful landscape amazes you.
Come to Tenerife, you can run at sea level and at more than 3000 meters passing through an incredible biodiversity.
Ready to come?

Cruz del Carmen – El Batán
11 km. 800+, max. height 980 m.

Arenas Negras – Chinyero
12 km. 430+, max. height 1540 m.

Las Cañadas – Guajara – Parador
16 km. 800+, max. height 2715 m.

Los Silos – Erjos – Monte del Agua
16 km. 970+, max. height 1035 m.

La Caldera – Crucita – Montaña Limón
18 km. 1200+, max. height 2240 m.

Las Calderetas – Lagunetas – Gaitero
22 km. 1100+, max. height 1740 m.

Vilaflor – La Florida – Paisaje Lunar
22 km. 1100+, max. height 1960 m.

Albergue de Anaga – Igueste – Taganana
31 km. 2450+, max. height 910 m.

Ruta 0-4-0
56 km. 4000+, max. height 3718 m.