Campdevànol, the so-called “Garden of the Pyrenees”, offers just one hour and little of Barcelona and Girona different professionally designed trail running circuits and looking for the best and most beautiful routes in the area. Trail running circuits with different distances and slopes between which we are sure you will find those that suit your possibilities. In order to not dirty the nature we have not marked the route with paint or posters. That’s why the circuits have been recorded using GPS technology on the ground with an accuracy of 5″ between each point. Each circuit is accompanied by photos in the direction of the march so that you can get an idea of what you will find, And when you’ll be there you’ll have the feeling of having been before. We also facilitate the download of the GPX track, so that with your GPS device or using one of the many apps that are for mobile, you can follow the truck not getting lost in the woods. If you have a paper map you can also do the route following our indications of the summary, obviously in this case you will need a minimum knowledge of orientation and use of the maps.

Corta distancia
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Sant Pere d'Aüira

Total Distance: 12 Km

Elevation gain: 550 metres

Start point: Campdevànol

Finish point: Campdevànol

Min. height: 730 (Campdevànol)

Max. height: 1103 (Ermita St Pere Aüria)



Short circuit but intense that will allow us to visit the surroundings of Campdevànol and the Serra de l’Òs, arriving at the hermitage of Sant Pere d’Aüira as a culminating point. It is advisable to do it all year round, watching over the shady areas in winter that may be freezing. Much of the route is shady, allowing you to do so with much comfort in summer.

We will leave Campdevànol crossing the town to go to the path of Can Teuler, where we will arrive by wide and comfortable track. From this point we will enter to the path and the road will get harder, with short but intense climbs, until we find the definitive climb, longer and more demanding, that will leave us in the Pla de la Tomba. This place deserves a long stop to enjoy the views that are dominated from this place. We will leave by footpath to climb by a plain road to the hermitage of Sant Pere d’Aüira.

This hermitage is a place of pilgrimage for the people of Campdevànol, and if we allow us a little respite we can enjoy the tranquility of the place and the infinite landscape that dominates from here.

We continue our circuit now in clear descent always by footpath until reaching the Coll de la Batalla, where we cross the track, and we will ascend in return to Campdevànol by a comfortable flat path, where we will pass next to the hermitage of Sant Cristòfol until crossing the final section by a cemented track that will lead us to find the initial section of the circuit and return to the starting point.

Water: We will cross some torrents, but there are no fountains throughout the tour.

Camí Ral

Total Distance: 8 Km

Elevation gain: 150 metres

Start point: Campdevànol

Finish point: Campdevànol

Min. height: 730 (Campdevànol)

Max. height: 810 Ermita de Sant Llorenç



Ideal to do during a morning or an afternoon and take a breakfast or snack enjoying the fantastic views and the refreshing waters of the Torrent de Estiula. Very comfortable to do, the elevation gain is in small ascents but that go unnoticed because of the beauty of the place.

La Font de Querol is a recreation area with tables and barbecues, located in a meadow next to the Merdàs River at 2 km from Campdevànol, parking fee. It is forbidden to park the vehicle outside the zones enabled for this use.

Parking capacity 100 vehicles / Price / day 10 €

We start the route in the parking lot of the Font de Querol, where we will have arrived by car on the Gombrèn road, or walking along our Familiar Circuit Font de Querol.

Just crossing the meadow we find the fountain on our left, and in front the PR trail that we will follow for almost the entire route. The path is saving small slopes when crossing the infinite streams that leave their waters to the torrent, but without more difficulty than being alert with the roots of the trees. We will quickly reach a first meadow with the ruins of La Mosquera. We will follow the PR and soon we will reach the rettery Gorg de la Tosca.

In almost all the retteries we will find a sign that will indicate the direction and time to the next one.

We will continue without leaving the PR, surpassing small mounds, and we will arrive at the Gorg El Prat. The waterfalls are gaining spectacularity and beauty as we advance, in this order, the Gorg de l’Olla, the Gorg de la Bassa del Pi and the Gorg del Forat.

Once we leave behind the latter, and after a short descent, we cross the stream helping us with some stones to avoid getting our feet wet.

We will go to the Gorg Petit de Colomer, an idyllic place to refresh and eat something, then climb up the mountainside, always with magnificent views of the torrent, until you find an information poster that tells us the formation of this ravine. From this poster we can already see the last of the waterfalls. We follow the path and we descend to the torrent, where we will see a spectacular rock formation where the water is rushed into the void to form the largest of all ravines, the Gorg de Colomer.

After a long stop to enjoy the place, we will leave for a moment the PR and cross the torrent by the narrowest point, to rise up a well marked path that we will follow to the left, in gentle descent. Soon we will find a junction with a signpost. We will continue on downwards and more pronounced, and we will pass again by the Gorg Petit de Colomer, this time by its right. Following the mill path we will soon find the PR at the point where we have crossed the torrent.

From here we will take the path we have done previously, which will return us to the starting point, the recreation area of the Font de Querol.

Water: we find water and all services in Campdevànol. Fountain in the recreation area of the Font de Querol, at the beginning of the route. We can refresh ourselves in the stream, the whole route is parallel to it.


Total Distance: 10,2 Km

Elevation gain: 590 m

Start point: Campdevànol

Finish point: Campdevànol

Min. height: 730 (Campdevànol)

Max. height: 1053 (Collada de Clarella)



This is a short and intense circuit that will get you along the western forests of Campdevànol, passing by  Serrat  del Puig de la Devesa and Obaga de Molinou. It is advisable to avoid midday hours, because during the first stretch of the climb there is no shade or any access to water.

Starting from Plaça de la Mainada, walk east to cross the N260 and start climbing towards Bellavista by a paved track for 200m. After that, continue on a gentle slope by dirt track until it becomes a trail, just after a turn to the left. Once you have passed by Mas Palou, continue the constant rise until you reach a small saddle, just beneath the Puig de la Bandera.

From there, keep walking around the hillsides of Puig de la Devesa without losing height. The first stretch is by trail, followed by track until you find a milestone that will indicate the entrance to another path. This one will lead you to Prat de la Llebre and the Collada de Clarella.

The descent from there is a fast route that pass through the Obaga de Molinou and finishes in the streams junction of the Torrent de Molinou and Torrent de San Martín. After crossing those streams, keep descending by a the gentle slope that will bring you to Mas de Molinou. Slightly after that, cross the road and come back to the starting point by Colonia Molinou.

Water: All needed water facilities are available in Campdevànol. There is a stream (Torrent de Sant Martí) and a fountain in the last stretch of the route.

Sant Grau

Total Distance: 10 Km

Elevation gain: 430 m

Start point: Campdevànol

Finish point: Campdevànol

Min. height: 730 (Campdevànol)

Max. height: 1050 (Camí Ermita Sant Martí Vell)



This is a suitable route at any time of the year. Beware when crossing the streams, specially in winter, because they might be frosted. It is a very pleasant circuit in summer time, with lots of shaded and cool areas. Along this route, you will pass across some livestock corrals and fences that must remain closed to avoid any issue with the landlords.

The route starts in Campdevànol, from  Plaça de la Mainada and moving towards the City Hall and the sports area. Cross the road by the pedestrians crossing and you will pass by the paddle tennis courts. After that, you will go across a fence and start walking the path that, in gentle slope, will lead you into the forest.

You will come across a flat forest track and after that you will pass some enclosures that will bring you to cross the stream Torrent de Sant Martí (access to a fountain here too). Keep climbing a path that becomes a forest track after a while. Following this track you will go past the ruins of Mas de Sant Martí de Baix and the ruins of the Hermitage of Sant Martí Vell, where you can find a fountain with very fresh water. Continue by path until reaching the highest point of the circuit (1050 m). Walk along a short and shaded stretch and you will come across the quarry´s track. Start the steep descent that passes by that old quarry to immediately after turn to the left. This path leads to the Hermitage of Sant Grau, an iconic building and vantage point in Campdevànol, placed at the top of a hill. It is worth it to take a break over there to enjoy the astonishing views: the Freser river, Campdevànol village and the highest peaks of the eastern Pyrenees.

The descent goes along a narrow and steep trail that starts at the right of the Hermitage. This path, which is full of turns, will take you to some fields that are very close to the Mas de Can Molí Nou, near Campdevànol. Go across the el Torrent de Sant Martí once more and retrace your steps back to town. Be careful when crossing the road and go across Campdevànol until you meet the Plaça de la Mainada.

Water: All needed water facilities are available in Campdevànol. There is a fountain after crossing the Torrent de Sant Martí and another one beside the hermitage of Sant Martí Vell.