The comarca (local district) of L’Alt Urgell (Spain) has a total surface area of 1446 km2, a population of over 19,000 inhabitants and 19 different municipal areas. This territory, which lies in the central sector of the Catalan Pyrenees, includes the upper part of the Segre river valley. The river Segre is the main axis of this territory and its regional capital, La Seu d’Urgell, lies in the centre of the plain.

L’Alt Urgell (Spain) has historically enjoyed very rich pastures which have contributed to an important monumental patrimony, above all in the form of its Romanesque style art and architecture, which includes the cathedral of La Seu and the churches of Coll de Nargó and Organyà. Amongst the many routes that can be walked in this area, it is particularly relevant to highlight the la Ruta dels Oficis (Artesans’ Route). The Museu Diocesà (Diocesan Museum) of La Seu also houses an important artistic heritage, including some of the treasures from the local cathedral and from the Arxiu Capitular (Chapterhouse Archive) and several different churches.

The high mountain economy, and especially that related to agriculture and fisheries, has been modified by the influence of tourism and residential development. The countryside is very beautiful, while the local climate favours winter and adventure sports – and especially canoeing – and traditional sports throughout the year. Other attractions for both national and foreign tourists include the region’s Romanesque monuments, the Diocesan collections of painting, sculpture and gold and silver work, the local cuisine and a good offer of accommodation that includes hotels, camp sites and rural residencies.

L’Alt Urgell (Spain) has also become an important centre of communications where the main routes that provide access to the Pyrenees converge. These lead to Andorra to the north and also towards Puigcerdà and La Cerdanya (Spain), in one direction, and towards Sort, El Pallars and L’Alta Ribagorça (Spain), in the other.



Total distance: 4,35 km

Elevation gain: 650 m.

Start point: Organyà

Finish point: Ermita de Santa Fe

Min. height: 559 m.

Max. height: 1208 m.

Description of the route


Vertical route with departure from the village of Organyà – Alt Urgell – Lleida, (559m) and arrival at the towering Hermitage of Santa Fe (1207.5m).

Ascent of 4.35 km and 650m elevation gain, enjoying beautiful trails and balconies to crown the rocky mountain.

From the top there is an extensive panorama over the Vall de Cabó and the Vall del Segre, such as the mosaic of fields in the depths of the valley and the large multitude of mountains that make up the complex topography of this area. Well-marked path from the beginning to the Plaça de les Homilies to the end of the vertical, to go down we just have to undo our steps.