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Total Distance: 13 Km

Elevation gain: 850 m

Start point: Grau Roig

Finish point: Grau Roig

Min height: 2100 m. (Grau Roig)

Max height: 2884 m. (Pic de Pessons)



This is an spectacular route that will lead you to discover the largest lake basin in the country. From November to March, the highest points of the circuit are usually covered with snow, so make sure you bring the appropriate equipment.

The trail starts from the Tourist office in Grau Roig. You will follow first a track and then a path within the forest, which will lead you to Estany Primer (first lake). Here you will find the GR signs (Long-distance trail). These GR markers will guide you all the way to the summit, passing by some lakes.

The stretches around the lakes are good going terrains with gentle slopes. After the last lake there is a rocky way that steeply ascends towards the col. From there, turn left and you will directly reach the Pic de Pessons.

Retrace your steps to come back to the col and, very cautiously, walk down the rocky path until you find once more the GR sign-post. From here, keep following the yellow markers that will lead you to the Estanys de la Solana first and then you will be back in Estany Primer. The way back to the starting point will be through the same path and track you followed at the beginning of the circuit.

WATER: All needed water facilities are available in Grau Roig. There is access to lakes and streams along the route.

TOURISM: Lakes of Pessons.


Total Distance: 10 Km

Elevation gain: 430 m

Start point: Encamp

Finish point: Encamp

Min height: 1250 m. (Encamp)

Max height: 1630 m. (Llac d’Engolasters)



This a very suitable circuit to do with children. In Engolasters there are some interesting attractions, such as an adventure playground (admission charge), some facilities that explain how a hydroelectric plant works and a Botanic Garden in “Carretera de les Pardines”.

During winter season, be cautious in regards to the weather conditions.

The route starts from the Tourist office and continues through the main street of Encamp. When you get to the beginning of a path, you will see some directions. Follow that path which steeply ascends until you cross the road. Continue by a shady path in good going terrain, that will lead you to Engolasters Lake.

Go around the lake and over there you will see some of the first signs that explain how a hydroelectric plant works.

The way back starts with a stretch of 3 kilometers following the “Carretera de les Pardines”. This is a dirt track within a botanic garden, where you will find some beautiful lookouts and a tunnel. After this tunnel, you will get to a car park. Take a sharp turn to the left to start descending. This steep incline will head towards the house estate of Les Pardines. The last kilometer of this trail will be done through the streets of Les Pardines, reaching the starting point just after passing by the Funicamp.

WATER: All needed water facilities are available in Encamp. There are restaurants and bars in Engolasters. There are some fountains in Carretera de les Pardines.

TOURISM: Visits to the hydroelectric plant.

Pic D’Envalira

Total Distance: 10,5 Km

Elevation gain: 910 m

Start point: Pas de la Casa

Finish point: Pas de la Casa

Min height: 2050 m. (Pas de la Casa)

Max height: 2830 m. (Pic Negre d’Envalira)



This alpine trail will bring you around Pas de la Casa and Grau Roig. This route is not recommended during winter and spring, because of the likelihood of snow.

The route starts from the Tourist office in Pas de la Casa and continues through the main street until you come across a staircase. This is the access to the ski slopes. Follow the first slope you see until you get to “Isard Park”. From there, continue by an uphill path that will take you to Coll dels Isards. Once you have reached the col, turn right and, with no difficulties, you will arrive to Pic Negre d’Envalira.

The descent from the peak will be done from the other side of the mountain. After walking some paths you will reach the Collada de Joan Antoni. The last stretch of the descent starts through a path that seems a bit hidden at the beginning, but it will turn more visible after a while. Along that way you will see some markers that will lead you to an artificial lake.

From here, follow a track that heads to a small col. Turn right and climb straight to Coll Blanc, very easy to identify because of its peculiar buildings. From there, you can already see Pas de la Casa. You just have to go down for a few meters and you will be back to the starting point

WATER: All needed water facilities are available in Pas de la Casa.

TOURISM: Pas de la Casa.

Refugi de les Agols

Total Distance: 14 Km

Elevation gain: 1000 m

Start point: Encamp

Finish point: Encamp

Min height: 1250 m. (Encamp)

Max height: 2200 m. (Refugi de les Agols)



Recorrido muy entretenido donde realizaremos todo el desnivel positivo en una única subida. Todo el circuito lo realizaremos por caminos bien marcados.

Iniciaremos el circuito delante de la Oficina de Turismo, y una vez dejemos atrás las calles del pueblo, seguiremos el GR en evidente subida hasta el Llac d’Engolasters, donde iniciamos un tramo llano de poco más de un quilómetro por la pista forestal de les Pardines.

Encontraremos un cartel indicador, y allí iniciaremos la larga subida, siempre por sendero, que de manera progresiva nos llevará hasta el Refugi de les Agols, cota más elevada del recorrido. Para llegar al refugio, el último tramo lo haremos cruzado un prado, sin pérdida posible.

Desde el refugio tendremos una espléndida visión de buena parte de las montañas andorranas, con el Pic de Casamanya en primer término.

La bajada la realizaremos por sendero, siempre por el bosque, y después de un flanqueo nos llevará hasta el aparcamiento de “les Pardines”, desde donde seguiremos bajando hasta Encamp por el camino de La Plana.

Una vez delante de la estación del Funicamp volveremos al punto inicial por las calles del núcleo urbano.

AGUA.- Todos los servicios en Encamp. Fuente en la Carretera de les Pardines. Fuente en el Refugi del les Agols. Torrentes donde refrescarnos.

CULTURA.- Encamp. Engolasters. Refugios libres.