The two longest routes of Ripoll are designed to introduce you to totally different areas of the territory, with different proposals and combinations of distance and elevation gain. You will visit the haughty Serra Cavallera and Sant Amand, with its beech woods, alpine meadows and peaks with spectacular views of the Pyrenees, and on the other hand you will discover the Serra de Sant Marc and its abandoned farmhouses that will remind us of a glorious livestock past.

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Taga 2040

Total distance: 30 km

Elevation gain:  2000 m

Start point: Ripoll

Finish point: Ripoll

Min. height:  700 m

Max. height:  2040 m (Taga)



Route to make from spring to autumn. In winter we could find snow in the highest areas, so we must be informed before going.

We will start the route in front of Pavelló de la Avellaneda (Centre de Tecnificació Esportiva), from where we will cross the road to make the first meters by the Camí Ral towards the CAT (Tourist Attention Center) and cross the Ter River by a bridge and we follow the streets and go up to the cemetery. In front of the entrance we will find the path that will lead us always in ascent to the hermitage of Sant Roc, a great viewpoint of Ripoll. Here we will start a short descent to the Coll de Comallevosa, where we will enter the path again until we find a signpost. Up to this point, the path is shared with the return stretch.

At the signpost we will take the road to the left, following the path we will reach the Gorg de l’Olla, and continuing along the path, we will reach the Collet dels Graus, and after Sant Julià de Saltor, where we will find a farmhouse and an hermitage. We will turn the farmhouse, respecting the fenced area, and on our right we will find a path, marked in red, that without truce, will lead us to the “Canal de Sant Amand”, a small canal, without any danger, on top of which we will find the Font of Pi.

After the fountain, we will find a wooden pass, on a small landing, and turn left along a path that will lead us to the Pla de la Pena, an impressive viewpoint of Baix Ripollès region. At this point we will begin the descent to Coll de Jou, through a leafy beech forest.

Arrived at Coll de Jou, we will cross the cement road, and always at the left of the cattle fence, we will go uphill through alpine meadow, following the track, looking for small cattle roads, until the grassy edge SW, where we will make the most demanding stretch of the route, to the cross that marks the highest point of it, the Taga, whith its 2040m is also the highest point of the Serra Cavallera, from where we will have spectacular views of almost the entire Eastern Pyrenees. We will descend again to Coll de Jou along the normal route, following yellow markers, and once there, we will go up to the Pla de la Pena, this time in ascent.

Here we will make a turn to the left, and in ascent, we will arrive at the second peak of the day, Sant Amand, whith its 1851m is an authentic viewpoint of a good part of Central Catalonia. We will descend from the cross, and on the right we will begin a long descent, always by path, until the Coll de la Tuta, where we will arrive by the meadow that we will cross following the track, and where we will see, as a reference, a large rock marked with an X in honor of Xirinacs. We continue straight and we will see a pair of indicator poles that will mark us the path to follow until the hermitage of Vidabona, where we will always arrive by road with tendency to descend.

Next to the road we will find a small fountain, not always with water, and we will continue down on a well defined path, following the yellow signs and the track, which after a short stretch, will return us to Coll de Comallevosa, where we will recover the initial section, now up to Sant Roc, and after passing through it again, we will make the last descent that will lead us to the starting point, the Pavello de la Avellaneda.

WATER.- All services in the Pavelle de l’Avellaneda / Font del Pi (km 9 approx) / Font de Vidabona (km 22 approx)

CULTURE.- Ripoll

Terra de Comtes

Total distance: 35 km

Elevation gain:  1300 m

Start point: Ripoll

Finish point: Ripoll

Min. height:  700 m

Max. height:  1350 m (Ermita de St. Marc)



Recommended route from spring to autumn. In winter we will be careful with the frosts, because the route is mostly shady, and we will avoid the days after intense snowfall. In this time we will take care especially when crossing the torrents.

We will start the circuit in front of the Avellaneda Sports Center, and following the track, we will cross Ripoll through the old town until we reach the bridge that will allow us to cross the Freser River, where we will turn right along a paved stretch that will bring us closer to the Font d’Ordina fountain, before crossing the train track.

Shortly we will enter a dirt road, first by path and then by wide road, until we find a path on the left, with yellow marks, that will go up the Serrat dels Emprius.

The path is very clear and evident at all times, and will take us, in the last section by a wide path, to a bifurcation of the track. We will turn to the right, first leveling and later in descent, until crossing the Gorg d’en Colomer. Once crossed, we will find a source to carry water, and with a tendency to go down, we will continue parallel to the stream until we find a cement track.

Once on the track, we will do about 300m by it, until we find a detour to the left, which will quickly connect to the path, and that will take us to pass through La Cabana and later through Sant Quintí de Puigrodón. At this point we will make a 90º turn to the left and begin the hardest section of the route, with a constant climb that will lead us to the ruins of the Hermitage of Sant Marc, crowning the peak of the same name.

At this point we will start the descent, first gently and after with more slope, which will leave us at a crossroads of paths and forest track, finding a thread of cattle. Here we will be attentive to the track because the entrance of the road is not very defined, but quickly, after the first meters, we will find the well-defined path that will leave us on a cement track, in front of Mas de l’Auró. Not leaving the track we will arrive again at the part of the route we did before, and we will undo a section through the Serrat dels Emprius, until finding a double thread of cattle.

The entrance of the road is not very evident, but after a first section through meadow, and a strong rise, we will find the road well defined. The path, always with a tendency to descend, will leave us on a track that we will follow no more than 200m, until we find a sharp curve to the right. At this moment we will see an entrance, not very marked, of path to our left, but once we get into it, it will quickly become very defined, and with some short section of track that will serve as a link, it will take us to the leisure area of the Font d’en Jordana, passing before the Rosa dels Vents, where it is worthwhile to enjoy the views of the Pyrenees and Ripoll.

The Font d’en Jordana will leave us on a cement track that will take us directly to Ripoll, arriving at the starting point on the greenway.

WATER: All services in the Pavellón de la Avellaneda. Font d’Ordina in the first km. Fountain in the Gorg d’en Colomer. Font d’en Jordana in the last km.

CULTURE.- Ripoll