El Pallars Jussà (Spain) has a surface area of 1,290 km2, more than 13,000 inhabitants and a total of 14 municipal areas. Tremp is the capital of the comarca (local district), on account of its location and commercial importance. Water is the region’s most important resource. Since ancient times, the power of these rivers has been used to move mills and operate forges and to transport timber down to the plains in the form of the famous river rafts. These traditions are relived each year with the Baixada dels Raiers (River Raft Descent) to La Pobla de Segur. More recently, in the second decade of the 20th century, this region witnessed the construction of its first reservoirs and hydroelectric power stations.

The artistic heritage of El Pallars Jussà (Spain) is just one of the treasures that this comarca has to offer to its visitors. It has particularly important military architecture, including around twenty defensive towers that flank the whole of the Serra (sierra) del Montsec. There are also numerous Romanesque style churches (whose marvels include the baroque style altarpiece of Guàrdia and the sculptured monumental portal of the church of Covet) and magnificent stately homes throughout this area that still remain well conserved. The comarca is also ideal for a wide range of mountain sports, especially trekking, and also hunting and fishing.

Media distancia


Total distance: 21 km

Elevation gain: 350 m.

Start point: Tremp

Finish point: Tremp

Min. height: 400 m.

Max. height: 600 m.

Description of the route


This is an easy and ideal route to get started in the world of trail and navigation with a GPS device. It is a distracted and varied route that alternates wooded areas with dryland cultivation areas, and accompanied in good time by the rumor of the water of the river Noguera Pallaresa. It is also very good for those who like to run fast. During the route we will have several shortcuts well indicated by the existing signs to return earlier to Tremp if for some reason you do not want to do the entire route.

We will leave the side of the El Joncar de Tremp sports pavilion to turn right and pass by the helipad. Then on the left we will take the Camí d’Eroles. We will go by wide and easy track until km 2 where we will go down to cross the stream of the Barranc de Riucós. We will border the stream on stony ground until km 3.7 to turn right and take a track uphill. We will pass by different wheat fields in a clear direction to Palau de Noguera, passing first by the side of the train station, crossing the bridge over the track, then crossing the road and bordering behind the gas station we will enter the streets of the urban core. We will take a street on the left that goes down, continuing on the right, until we enter the forest, which we will cross and that after a detour on the left that may go unnoticed, will lead us to the path that runs parallel to the river Noguera Pallaresa. We will hear the murmur of water constantly in this section of the tour. We will pass a wooden bridge and continue along the track and always parallel to the river through the Barranc de Rocós. Approximately at km 12 we cross the river and in a clear ascent we will approach the wall of the reservoir of San Antonio de Tremp. Finally, along a well-sloping stretch we will ascend to the top of the dam. We will go back a few meters to recover the trail and walk in the direction of Talarn, first through the forest and then along the wide track. When we see the road about 100 meters we will take the path that goes down to the left and that will take us to cross a tunnel below the road. About 300 meters later we will leave the track to go down on the left to cross the ravine of Seròs. From there we will climb steeply until we reach the town of Talarn, a town we had seen above the ravine some time before. We will enter the street del Vedat and turning right onto the street de la Font de Caps, we will find the fountain, after the picnic area, with its 6 taps dripping water all year round. We will then go down on the left hand side, with Tremp in sight all the time. Always in a constant and gentle descent and along a wide track, we will approach Tremp, passing by several crops. Once we have passed under the bridge we will leave the Camino de Tendrui to turn right and going up a flight of stairs where we will find Calle del Respir, we will continue along Calle Montllobar, we will pass by the Tremp Station, we will take the Paseo of the Joncar and we will cross by the green zone until arriving at the round one that on the right hand will give back to us again in the Sport Pavilion the Joncar de Tremp.