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Vall de Ribes

The Ribes Valley is an excellent location to enjoy the high mountain areas of the Pyrenees in the province of Girona. This valley contains two impressive and emblematic peaks (Puigmal and Taga) and the river Freser, that plays a key role in this natural environment and provides a very refreshing atmosphere in most of the routes. These mountain circuits are professionally designed and it compiles the best and most beautiful itineraries of the area, with different ranges of difficulty adapted to all kind of preferences.

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Sant Antoni

Total Distance: 1,9 Km

Elevation gain: 350 m

Start point: Ribes de Freser

Finish point: Ermita de Sant Antoni

Min. height: 920 (Ribes de Freser)

Max. height: 1280 (Ermita de Sant Antoni)



This is a suitable route at any time of the year. It goes along the sunny hillside of Sant Antoni and it is the ideal circuit to complete some punchy uphill intervals within a short distance of town.

The 13th of June is the Sant Antoni bank holiday in Ribes de Freser and this hermitage becomes the main venue of the festive events of the day.

The starting point is the Tourist Office, where you can find a big parking space. Follow the Paseo Àngel Guimerà to start the urban part of this track, keeping it parallel to the River Freser. Cross the river through the pedestrian bridge over the confluence of the rivers Freser and Rigard.

There is a short walk along San Quintín street until you reach the Puente de Ribes square. Turn to the left to take Sant Antoni track and continue up to a steep and continuous climb. This part of the trail in zigzag is very easy to follow and it will lead you directly to the Collet of Sant Antoni.

Once the col has been reached, the route bears left towards the last section of the ramp, heading to the field located in front of the Hermitage of Sant Antoni.

While having a break, enjoy the astonishing views you will get from this vantage point in Ribes de Freser: from Sant Armand and Taga to La Covil, passing through Puig Cerverís and the valleys of Freser, Segadell and Rigard.

The descent is along the same route as the way up, but if you would like to be picked up, there is a road that connects the starting point and the Sant Antoni leisure area.


Total Distance: 5 Km

Elevation gain: 1080 m

Start point: Ribes de Freser

Finish point: Cima del Taga

Min. height: 920 (Ribes de Freser)

Max. height: 2040 (Cima del Taga)



Suitable route at any time of the year, but it is advisable to check the weather forecast, specially in winter (risk of finding icy snow in the highest areas of the mountains).

The ascent to the Taga summit is one of the most emblematic hiking routes of our country. In the last few years, it has become a major place of pilgrimage for mountain runners. This route includes the VertikalXS circuit, a famous running competition that takes place in Ribes de Freser every year.

The ascent starting point is from the Font de la Caterineta. To get to there, walk from the Tourist office to the sports pavilion, passing through the Paseo Àngel Guimerà. Just before getting to the pavilion car park, turn left taking the Passeig de la Caterineta. Continue along that street until you find the Font de la Caterineta at the very end.

Take the path in constant uphill that will directly lead you to the building of new water tanks. After passing by this building, take the path on the right, just before the fence. Keep going on steep rise, passing across the remains of some small forts that date back to the Spanish Civil war battles. Take a short downhill walk and you should get to the Collet dels Fortins. Pass the tracks crossing and you will immediately start walking a path in the middle of the fields.

Once you go past the fields, there is a track that should barely be walked until you take another path on uphill climb. You will cross a couple of forest tracks but you must continue along the shady and narrow trail until you leave behind the forest and it opens to a spectacular view of the highest peak of Ribes valley on the horizon. Keep going by a flatter forest track for 200m and then, turn left 90º, and keep climbing across the fields. You will walk a path that goes along a fence, passing alternately through fields and forest until you get to the high point 1700m above sea level. You will get to a field with no trees and you should move parallel to the fence. After passing a short rocky stretch, you just have some easy meters left to reach the summit, where you will find the cross that overlooks Serra Cavallera.

Enjoy the 360º panoramic views that this unique location offers you: Segadell valley and the farther Vall de Nuria; some of the most iconic peaks of the Western Pyrenees, the emblematic Pedraforca and the distant Sierra of Milany,Sierra of Montserrat and Sierra of San LLorenç i l’Obac.

The descent is along the same route as the way up, contemplating the vertical views over Ribes de Freser. There is an optional route with access to vehicles, which goes down the opposite hillside up to Coll de Jou (accessible point with any kind of vehicle).

Water: All needed water facilities are available in Ribes de Freser. There is a watering hole just after the Collet dels Fortins, to refresh yourself in warm summer days.