The Trail Zone of Rialp has been designed to facilitate trailrunning or hiking in a spectacular setting such as the Pallars, where you will find different routes and profiles to train as much as you need, while you can combine your workouts with the leisure in family.

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Noguera Pallaresa

Total distance: 16 Km

Elevation gain: 780 m

Start point: Rialp

Finish point: Rialp

Min. height: 700 m. (Rialp)

Max. height: 1100 m.(Ermita de Sant Josep)



Circuit valid to do all year round, just being a bit careful in winter and the possibility of frozen patches when we cross streams on shady areas. Noguera Pallaresa circuit is ideal for fast runs and fartleks. The distance and the slope permit us a fast recovery in time to return next day. We can enjoy a track fo shady paths and crossing fresh water streams with a second part, between Sort and Rialp, ideal to combine changes of rythm, whith shady and leveled areas beside the river.

On leaving Rialp we quickly cross the village and we begin the first stretch of the path until we cross Sant Antoni’s stream. There we will go into the woods with a steep incline at the begining through paths we will arrive to the road that takes us to Assua’s Valley. As we leave the path we will be carefull on crossing the LV-5223.

We will arrive,  via paths and some pasture to Sant Jose’s hermitage. In order to arrive we will have to leave the track about 200 mts, but the viewing point is well worth the visit.

Once we return to the track we will go through interesting paths until we arrive at Olp. We will cross the village and at the church square we will go down the main road (carretera nacional) and we will cross the Noguera Pallaresa over the “pont de Cantó’s” road bridge. When we see the last houses we will see some indications and we will take the path to the left, always following the track. This stretch, until arrival, follows paral·lel to the river. The first sector is flat, perfecto to do fast rythms. After it there’s a sector of ups and downs saving the rock buttresses.

We will arrive to Rialp on the Canerilla path, shady and fun, and arriving via Santa Caterina’a bridge and ending where we began the circuit.

We will find water in all the villages and some fountains in between.

Mola de Sall

Total distance: 10 Km

Elevation gain: 600 m

Start point: Rialp

Finish point: Rialp

Min. height: 700 m.

Max. height: 1200 m.



This trail will lead us to discover hidden places and some villages in the valley any season of the year. The circuit of Mola de Sall is ideal for a gentle stroll or for a fast and constant training. Most of the ascents can ve run at a good pace. It’s the sohortes of Rialps circuits (except for the family circuits).

Leaving the centre of Rialp we will quickly cros the village and take the first stretch of the track and before crossing the torrent of Sant Antoni we take a path to the right that will take us to the road of Escàs and Caregué. On the road for about 500 mts.  we will have to keep to the left of the road. Once we leave the road we soon arrive a La Mola de Sall, where we will cross a wid bridge over the meeting of the mountain streams.

Here we will begin to ascend just before arriving at Sorre, where we will leave the path to find again and cross the torrent throug its stepped streets.

Passing Escàs we find the highest point of this run, El Serrat de Cortinos. Once we have reached the summit just at this hill, without a break we will go down, first to Surp and after to Rialp via the casttle.

Water: we can freshen up at the Torrent de Sant Antoni, in La Mola de Sall, where there is also a thermal spring. We will find another source in Surp.

Culture: Mola de Sall, Rodés, Surp, Iglesia de San Iscle y Santa Victoria.